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Hello people~

Recently, few people add me. But if u guys add me just because u guys wanna read my fics.. it pointless..coz i dont lock my fic (at this moment).. But if u guys really wanna be friend with me n get to know me.. please leaves comment n introduce uself^^

I'm happy to get to know new people.. so we can share things..keke

BTW i'm a die hard fan of DBSK n Super Junior. n my OTP is Yunjae.. If u guys feel uncomfortable..u guys know what to do..but i'm not a type to spazzing so much..most of the time i just keep it to myself..but if u guys wanna talk to me bout it..i'll be glad^^

Cooking cooking

My chingu n I make this few days ago..hehe.. i'm not a creative person.. i just did the smiley..lol

but its not as hard as i imagine it would be

Junchan DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the MR version of 'You are so beautiful' by Kim Junsu

i dont know how many time i listen to this.. Junchan's voice is soooooo beautiful.. sooooooo wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont own anything
credit to ammicky1 who upload it..

this is from 07/12 sukira.. i'm happy watching this.. i know their friendship is unbreakable.. somehow its strengthen my hope..



crdt: K-Idols


I'm Bored~

huhu..i've got sooo many things to do right now..but i dont wanna do anything..then i complaint to myself that i'm bored.. doesnt make sense at all..huhu..
n suddenly i'm thinking of something..too many writers write ff full of drama and angst..haha..can someone write sitcom..lol.. the idea struck when i watched Strong Heart..n Minnie said Yun's daily life is like a sitcom..hoho

ahhhh i wanna write something cracky but i dont hv time to plan my stories..huhu..

huhu final exam coming soon.. final thesis evaluation also coming soon..but here i'am wondering around LJ..hoho..i'm too awesome or what???lol...

...seee i'm even listened to Park Myungsu song..huhuhuhuhu

Saaenggil Chukka Hamnida Park Yoochun

Saenggil chukka hamnida~
Saenggil chukka hamnida~
Saranghaeyo Yoochunnie~
Saenggil chukka hamnida~

Saenggil Chukka Hamnida

Saenggil chukka hamnida~
Saenggil chukka hamnida~
Saranghaeyo Changminnie~
Saenggil chukka hamnida~

wish you happy always and stay healthy..


Stay strong and healthy,
let us see some YUNJAE moment..

Saenggil chukka hamnida~
Saenggil chukka hamnida~
Saranghaeyo Yunho-ah~
Saenggil chukka hamnida~


this is the first time i made a request.. i had read this fic a few months ago..

the story is about the dong bang family..

jaejoong who always do all the house cores suddenly felt ill and need a minor operation.. he has to lay on his bed for the whole week..

then the chaos started.. jaejoong leave a letter for each days he not be able to move to indicates the instruction to do all the task.. the other members divide to do all the cores each day per person.. i think the first day was yoochun.. he do all the cores accept washing the dishes.. he keep it for junsu to washed it tomorrow..

then the next day junsu almost burn the kitchen when he try to cook and mad at yoochun for all the unwashed dishes..

after that was changmin.. his tasked was to clean the bathroom.. but he accidentally bleach yunho favorite t-shirt and afraid that the leader will be mad.. so he hide the shirt.. and on

the next day yunho had to do the laundry.. but the very beginning of his task he made a terrible mistake.. he purposely prepared peanut butter jelly sandwich (i think) during breakfast for his dongsaeng while special menu for jae and himself.. this cause the dongsaeng mad at him.. they said it was unfair because yoochun prepared cereal on his task day.. junsu cook and changmin order doughnut.. so the trio plan a revenge.. they make yunho cores turn to hell and throw many prank on him.. later yunho find out and wanted to pay back..

i think that the description.. could anybody help me please??

saenggil chukka hamnida JUNSU~

Saenggil chukka hamnida~
Saenggil chukka hamnida~
Saranghaeyo Junsu~ah
Saenggil chukka hamnida~



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