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Hello people~

Recently, few people add me. But if u guys add me just because u guys wanna read my fics.. it pointless..coz i dont lock my fic (at this moment).. But if u guys really wanna be friend with me n get to know me.. please leaves comment n introduce uself^^

I'm happy to get to know new people.. so we can share things..keke

BTW i'm a die hard fan of DBSK n Super Junior. n my OTP is Yunjae.. If u guys feel uncomfortable..u guys know what to do..but i'm not a type to spazzing so much..most of the time i just keep it to myself..but if u guys wanna talk to me bout it..i'll be glad^^

Love is Stupid (No baby, never)

Title: Love is Stupid (No baby, never)
Author: are_lynn
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: Pg13
Genre: Fail Fluff, Fail crack
Length: 1568 words - oneshot
Summary: Someone stuck again in Yunjae’s love nest......

Collection of Love is Stupid

Continuation from Love is Stupid (Aishhhhhhh Why I’m still living here??????)

Later that night, both Yunho and Jaejoong cannot close their eyes. They keep missing each other but their stupid ego prevent them from being in each other arm.

Yunho toss left and right, trying to find the most comfortable spot. He tried to hug Taepoong but the dog is to distract with the smell of food inside the room.

“Aishh.. I should just sleep on the couch. Minnie’s room smell like rotten tteokbeokki. Taepoong-ah just stay still. Appa wanna sleep… Taepoong-ah~ come here boy! Don’t go under Minnie’s desk. You might find dead rat.”

Yunho give up on Taepoong. Searching for a dead rat seems more interesting than being in his embrace. He try to sleep again. Yunho start counting the sheep but later on, it turn out to be counting how many food are there in Changmin’s room base on the smell.

“Kimchi jighae, hamburger, fried chicken,….mmmm pickle, fish cake, pizza, tteokbeokki……..”
The list goes on and on and Yunho really cannot close his eyes.

On the other hand, Yunjae’s room is in a mess. Yunho’s pillows and Bambi are scattered all inside the room. The bed sheet crumble at one corner and a very pregnant body sprawl vertically on the bed.

Jaejoong thought Yunho will beg him to sleep in the room. But for more than 2 hours, Yunho still cannot be seen. Jaejoong know that he should not throw tantrum to his husband. He also know that his husband had been so patient with his behavior in this past 6 month. Well scratch that. Yunho had being patient with him in their entire marriage. However, he love the attention Yunho give him when he messing with his husband. He loves how Yunho will try his best to fulfill all his craving. He especially loves how Yunho coax him everytime he had his mood swing. Honestly, his mood already stable a month ago, but he just enjoying all the attention he got. He also loves how Yunho being patient taking care of him all this time

Jaejoong is debating with himself whether he should looking for his Yunho or not. Deep down he know Yunho didn’t purposely give his knitted scarf to Taepoong and he can’t blame Yunho because he know he can be very clumsy and he’s not really pay attention to his wardrobe unlike Jaejoong. He should not feel jealous of the dog because he know Yunho love him the best.

After another half an hour of tossing around the bed, Jaejoong finally decides to look for his Yunho. He can never sleep without his beloved hubby. This is the first time Yunho didn’t sleep with him since their infamous love declaration. Many bad ideas flying inside his mind. What if Yunho got sick of him? What if Yunho think he is annoying? What if Yunho fall out of love with him? He almost lost his sexy figure. What if Yunho feel disgust with him? With all the nasty thought swam in his mind, Jaejoong fasten his step looking for Yunho.

15 minutes looking for his hubby, Jaejoong almost give up looking for Yunho because he think Yunho is so upset and walk out from the house. He walks to his room feeling dejected but stop by the kitchen to drink some water. With the dim light from the refrigerator, he saw a figure bending in front of it and Jaejoong is so happy thinking that his Yunnie is only in the kitchen. He mentally curses himself for not checking the kitchen sooner and spends more time looking in the storage room.

Jaejoong quickly circling his arm around the figure, thinking that his hubby might run away or sulking if he find out Jaejoong is standing behind him.

“Yunnie~ I’m sooooooooooooo sorry~ You should know I’m not serious. You should come in and beg me and…”

“Hyung, are you sleep walking? I’m not your freaking husband!”

“Arrghh!! Shim Changmin! What are you doing in my kitchen?”

“Late night snack, and for your information, your so call kitchen is not really yours since I learn to cook for MYSELF months ago. I practically revive this kitchen after your absent 5 month ago.”

“This kitchen is not yours. Its mine Mine MINE!!!!!”

“Yeah I know I know! No need to shout. Gosh I was just teasing you”

“Its not teasing. I know you wanna take over my sanctuary! I’m gonna tell my Yunnie!”

“Please don’t tell hyung! He’ll make me work over time for a month straight. Like last time. When I pick on you for your weird walking..”

“Serve you right. I’m pregnant. Of course I walk like that!”

“Hyung! I said I was joking. You’re overly sensitive. I’m gonna sleep.”

“Yah Changmin! I’m not done with you! Come back here!”

Changmin walk to the couch and plop himself down, ready to sleep any second.

Jaejoong trail behind Changmin, still feel unsatisfied with their argument. Since he gets pregnant, Changmin try to not argue with him and sometime he gets boring being treated nicely by his brother in-law.

“Why are you sleeping on the couch?”

Jaejoong gets curious watching Changmin overly tall figure cramping on the couch.

“Because your PMS hubby thinking he had a great time invading my ONLY personal space in this house. I’m so gonna call someone to consult on human right first thing tomorrow morning.”

Jaejoong quickly walk to Changmin’s room before his brother finish his words.

‘How can I forgot searching for Yunnie just now. And why I didn’t search in Minnie’s room? Oh I couldn’t stand his room’s smell. Like a rotten tteokbukki.’

Walking hurriedly into the room while controlling his breath, Jaejoong immediately see his husband hovering the bed while his Taepoong lying on the floor with a chicken bone clutching in his paw. He quickly climb on the bed and sneak his arm around Yunho.

‘Aishh Changmin. He must be sleep walking again.’

Yunho not so gently remove ‘Changmin’s’ hand and scoot further.

‘Its ok Jaejoong. Yunnie is just sulking.’

Jaejoong try to convince his heart. He try to embrace Yunho again and apologize to his dear hubby. Unfortunately, Yunho quickly remove his hand and he can hear a string of cursing.

‘Idiot Minnie. I only allow my Joongie hug me in bed.’

Few seconds later, Yunho hear ‘Changmin’ crying and tossing on the bed. He feel guilty and turn around only to see his beloved wife crying so miserably.

“Baby, why are you crying? Oh god what happen? Are you hurt? Tell me where do you feel hurt.”
His Joongie continue sobbing complete with the hiccup and mucus running out from his cute nose. Yunho try to hug him but Jaejoong scoot farther and weakly refuse Yunho arms.

“*sob* Don’t touch me! *sob Yunnie *sob* don’t love me *sob* anymore. Yunnie wont *sob* let me hug you *sob* Yunnie must *sob* tired of me *sob* Hwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

“Shhhhhhhh I never get tired of you, baby. I’m so sorry. I thought you was Changmin just now.”
“Yunnie *sob* even curse me *sob*.”

Jaejoong can’t stop crying. He is so sad thinking that his husband had rejected him after he tried to ask for forgiveness.

“No baby! I don’t curse you. Like I said, I thought you was Changmin.”

“So now *sob* Yunnie can’t even recognized me? *sob sob*”

“I’m sorry boo. I was so focus on figuring how to plead you. And with the smell in this room, I can’t recognize your nice smell baby.”

“*sob* Yunnie not angry with me?”

“No baby, never.”

“Yunnie don’t get tired of me?”

“How could you say that? I will never get tire of you. You’re the only one for me. I must be insane if I ever get tire of you.”

“Why Yunnie didn’t come sleep in our room?”

“Because my baby said I cannot sleep in the room.”

“But Yunnie should beg me, to let you sleep in the room. Why Yunnie just walk out like that? Yunnie don’t wanna sleep with me?”

“Never in forever baby. I always wanna sleep beside you. Breath the same air with you. Living my life for you.”



“What about Taepoong?”

“What about him?”

“Yunnie love Taepoong more.”

“Look baby. Listen carefully. Taepoong is my dog. You’re my wife. [I’m your husband-Jaejoong] Shh..Listen first. I love you more, lot more than Taepoong. Please remember that you’re the only one for me.”

“What about our baby? You don’t love our baby?”

“Honey sweetheart, I love our baby and I love you. The love is a bit different. But nevertheless, I love you guys so much.”


“Hey are you not convincing enough?”

“No.. I just feel bad for thinking like that.”

“Yeah you should feel bad. I’m so gonna punish you for thinking like that.”

“*giggles* Punnish me however you like Yunnie~”

“Yah don’t seduce me!”

“But I wanna seduce you~”

“OMG my wife [HUSBAND!-Jaejoong] is so naughty”

“Yunnie~ Don’t touch me!”

“But you said I can punish you~”

“Of course you can. But not here. Minnie’s room smells bad. I don’t want to puke on you while you punishing me~”

Yunho quickly pick up his wife and carry him to Yunjae’s room. He has so many things in mind and he already decide to skip work tomorrow. Changmin can replace him in his meetings tomorrow morning.

At the same time, Changmin is screaming in his sleep. Gosh that poor boy must have a nightmare.

A/N: This is suppose to be a drable.. but i was so into writing this..i forgot about the length.. first time i check its only 200++, then i check again only 400++ but the third time i check it already 1000++..huhu..i i kinda lost focus (????????)..that's why the ending is kinda messy..huhu..mianhe..but i still wanna post it.. this is unbeta-ed.. plesae tell me for any mistake. N yes this is another Jae's unstable hormone the serries..LOL.. people who comment is nice~
Title: Love is Stupid (Aishhhhhhh Why I’m still living here??????)
Author: are_lynn
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: Pg13
Genre: Fail Fluff, Fail crack
Length: Drabble
Summary: Someone stuck again in Yunjae’s love nest......
Collection of Love is Stupid

“Yunnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yunnieeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!”

“What’s wrong honey? Are you alright? Did you injure yourself? Should we see the doctor now?

I ‘ll ask Min to prepare the car. Changmin!!!!!!!!!”

“Yunnie hubby, breath. I’m fine. No need to see the doctor.”

“But why are you screaming just now?”

“Emmmmm Yunnie….. Do you love me?”

“Sweetheart, I declare my love at least 5 times a day. Do you really want me to answer that question?”

“Just say it do you love me or not?”

“Of course baby. I love you so much and only you.”

“Only me?”

“I swear, baby. Only you and always you.”

“But why you lied to me?”

“Lied to you? Baby, what are you talking about? I would never lie to you.”

“You just add another lie in your lie’s account!”

“No I’am not- Wait, I have a lie’s account?”

“Yeah! Yunnie don’t you dare deny it. I have proof. My spies are always watching you.”

“Spies? Baby don’t you trust me? You even hire people to spy on me?”

“No I didn’t hire people and I don’t said I don’t trust you.”

“Jung Jaejoong, what are you talking about? Please enlighten me.”

“If I said I don’t want you anymore what will you do?”

“Baby, seriously tell me. What are you talking about? Don’t make me scared.”

“You won’t answer my question? You don’t love me anymore?”

“Baby my every breath means my love to you. My every heartbeat reminds me of my love to you. My every step remind me of my-“

“Just tell me Jung Yunho. Do you love me more or do you love Taepoong more?”

“Baby-ah~ are you jealous?”

“What are you talking about? I’m not jealous of your Taepoong!”

“What lying to you and loving Taepoong related to me not loving you?”

“I..*sob*..You..*sob*..you..*sob*..give Taepoong..*sob*..the scarf..*sob*..that I knitted last week..*sob*..i put it inside your closet..*sob*..so you will be surprised when you..*sob*..see it..*sob*..but..I saw it on Taepoong’s cushion..*sob*..and he peed on it..*sob*..I..I..*sob*..knitted it-“

“Oh honey darling sweetheart, I don’t know it was your gift. I thought it was my old scarf. I swear I won’t give it to Taepoong if I know it was from you. Honey please forgives me.”

“No!!!!! You love Taepoong more than me. You lied to me!”

“No baby! I love you more-“

“Prove it!”

“I kiss you more than Taepoong, I sleep with you, I-“

“You can just sleep with Taepoong tonight. We will sleep alone. Baby, say goodnight to appa………..….Baby said goodnight. And I don’t say goodnight to you. Humph!”

“Hyung! Sorry I’m late. I was in the toilet just now. What happen to Jae hyung?”

“Changmin.. you need to sleep on the couch.. Me and Taepoong will be using your room in this couple of weeks. Hopefully it will not last for too long. By the way.. If you want to get your room earlier, knit me a scarf.”

“Aishhhhhhh Why I’m still living here??????”



AN/:I’m sorry for the super late update..n in addition to this unworthy update.. I bet many of u are confuse..huhu..i now this style is not as good as the previous (Thanks to Heechul) but I kinda lazy to describe..huhu..but the idea keep swimming inside my head n I need to write it..but like I said..i’m lazy..huhu..*getbricks*aigoo too many 'but'..mianhe..

I know yun should do something to soften jae’s heart..but I just in the mood to gv yun some hard time..keke.. n if u guys notice..this is also the pregnant jae’s series (unstable hormone the series)..huhu..i’ll try to write next chap as soon as my mood is on..huhu..

Cooking cooking

My chingu n I make this few days ago..hehe.. i'm not a creative person.. i just did the smiley..lol

but its not as hard as i imagine it would be

Junchan DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the MR version of 'You are so beautiful' by Kim Junsu

i dont know how many time i listen to this.. Junchan's voice is soooooo beautiful.. sooooooo wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont own anything
credit to ammicky1 who upload it..

this is from 07/12 sukira.. i'm happy watching this.. i know their friendship is unbreakable.. somehow its strengthen my hope..



crdt: K-Idols


Love is Stupid (Wake up~)

Title: Love is Stupid (Wake up~)
Author: are_lynn
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: Pg13
Genre: Fail Fluff, Fail crack
Length: 686, drabble
Summary: Someone free from Yunjae’s love nest......
Collection of Love is Stupid

“Baby boo~ wake up~ honey~”

Yunho come out from the bathroom wearing his bathrobe and walking straight to the bed where his sleeping beauty still snuggles under the comforter. He chuckles watching his lovely wife sleeping face.
‘My baby is so cute’
He proceeds to gently shake his wife to wake him up.

“Eung….65 minutes more….”

Jaejoong hug his pillow to his chest and try to ignore his husband attempt to wake him up. Recently, he always sleepy and sometimes he didn’t wake up to send his hubby to work. When he realized Yunho went to work without waking him, he started sulking and ignored his hubby phone call on the afternoon. But he keep replaying Yunho voice message until his phone died on him. Changmin can prove this.

“Joongie baby~ please wake up~ open your eyes”.

Yunho still insist on waking Jaejoong up today. It is not because he afraid Jaejoong will sulk on him, but he need to because there is no one can accompany his baby along this week as yesterday Changmin was sent to Hong Kong for two weeks to redeem the lost tender. (The one he lost after he signed with the fast food restaurant)

“Yunnieeee~ I wanna sleep more~”.

The chill morning make it harder for Jaejoong to open his eyes. He knows his husband means no harm by waking him up but he just love messing around with his beloved hubby. He knows Yunho will patiently wake him up and if he gets lucky, his Yunnie will rain him with lot of morning kisses.

“But baby, you promise me last night. Hmmm?”

Yunho walk to the closet to prepare for work. His action disappoint Jaejoong as the later thought Yunho will pamper him until he wake up or maybe carry him to the bathroom and bath him. [Spoil Joongie is love~^^]

“I’m sleepy~ *sob* yun *sob* niee won’t *sob hic* let me *hic* me sleep *hic*..”

Jaejoong make his sleepiness as the reason to shred his morning tears. His hope to get some lovey moment with his hubby crash as he watch his husband walk away from the bed. Nowadays, he was very sensitive and his eyes getting teary easily. Sometimes the situation was not a big deal (like just now) but he can’t help his tears from pouring.

“Boo~ why are you crying?

Hearing his lovely boo hiccupping, Yunho quickly turn around and climb to the bed. He scoops his Joongie into his arms and wipes his tears.

“Yunnie *hic* meannie! Won’t let me *hic* sleep *hic* more”.

Jaejoong try to finish his sentence through his hiccupping. His tears subside as soon as Yunho scooping him and rocking him in his arms.

“Baby~ Remember what we discussed last night? You have to follow me to office because there is no one to accompany you. Changmin is at Hong Kong, umma and appa go back to Guangju and Junsu follow Yoochun to Jeju. I can’t leave you alone here. I promise you can continue your sleep in my office. Okay?”

Yunho try to sooth his wife with his reasons and gently rubbing his back to stop the hiccup. If not because of the important meeting, he will happily accompany his wife at home for today or maybe waiting for his wife to fully awake before going to the office together.

“Okay…but I wanna bring my pillow. Can’t sleep without it.”

Truthfully, He wanna bring Yunho’s pillow. He knows his hubby will be busy and he can’t sleep in his embrace. So the pillow will be his hubby replacement for the time being.

“You can bring as much pillow as you want. Come on, I’ll shower you.”


Later in the office..

Jaejoong ignore his (Yunho’s) pillow as he sleep clingy in his hubby arms after Yunho finish his meeting. He snuggles comfortably as Yunho trying his hardest to read his document.

In Hong Kong… Changmin happily stroll along the city and visit every restaurant that catches his interest. He will savor the moment without eating cereals and try to fill his baby with foods as much as he can.

How is it? I decide to be nice with Minnie after few readers said I torture him too much..keke mianhe.. To Hong Kong Cassie..i send him to u guys..lol.. Fail romance..huhu..comment is love^^

Love is Stupid (Wae????????????)

Title: Love is Stupid (Wae????????????)
Author: are_lynn
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: Pg13
Genre: Fluff, Fail crack
Length: 563, drabble
Summary: There’s someone stuck in Yunjae’s love nest......
Collection of Love is Stupid

“I’m home~”

Yunho enter his house excitedly and straight away looking for his sexy wife. It’s weird. Usually his lovely wife already bouncing up and down when he came home (again, blame his pregnant hormones) and make him worried about his unborn child. He walks into the living room only to see his brother fanning his sleeping wife while patting his head. Worry written on all over his face. He quickly runs to his wife’s side and kneel beside him.

“Hyung, you’re back! Thank God!”

Changmin sigh in relief but his hand never stop fanning and patting his brother in law.

“ Min what-“

“Shhhhh… Slow down. Jae hyung just start to sleep.”

He whispers to his hyung. Changmin won’t let his hyung wake his brother in law just like that after what he had suffered to make him sleep.

“What happen?”

Yunho whisper back after he makes sure his baby boo is alright.

“Jaejoong hyung said he was sleepy 2 hours ago. He asked me to turn off the air conditioner because he said it make his skin dry. But when I want to turn on the fan, its not working. So he asked me to fan him.”

Changmin dramatically explain to his hyung. But all he receive is chuckles from his hyung

“Hyung! Stop it! You don’t know what your wife already make me did today. I had been doing the house’s cores as soon as I get back and I have been fanning him since 2 hours ago. He also makes me pat his head!”

Changmin voice getting louder and louder as he complaint to his hyung.

“Yah! Slow down your voice. Or boo might wake up..hehehe”

Yunho cant help but chuckles to his dongsaeng. He can’t believe his baby boo did that to him. Jaejoong used to be very independent. He rarely troubled others for his own comfort. Maybe his pregnant hormones really change him. But Yunho still love his baby boo so much.

“Ok dongsaneg. You can stop now. Let me take over.”

After 15 minutes kneeling and admiring his sexy wife while Changmin still fanning and patting him, Yunho finally asks Changmin to stop.

“Ahhhhhh.. finally~ My hands are killing me.”

Yunho ignore his dongsaeng whining and quickly carry his lovely wife bridal-style. He smiles when his wife snuggles to his chest as soon as he carries his wife.

“Hyung~ What’s for dinner?”

Changmin ask while massaging his arms. He’s been starving since he came back this afternoon. He can’t believe he abandoned his baby just for his brother in law.

“Cook whatever you want Min. I already eat with my clients. And Baby boo called me before saying he don’t wanna eat anything tonight.”

Yunho leisurely climbing the stairs while carrying his boo, heading to their bedroom. He misses to see Changmin horrified face when he asked him to cook for himself.

Changmin almost hyperventilate at his hyung words.

“ Aahhhhhhhh!!!!!! What did I do wrong in my past life? Why?? Wae???????????”

After his dramatic yelling and His brother scolding from upstairs, Changmin weakly walk to the kitchen, searching for his cereal box, only to find the box almost empty (Jaejoong eat it so Yunho don’t have to bring back food to him, how thoughtful). Changmin cry a river while dialing the pizza that night.

Sorry people~ I just love to make Changmin suffer..hehe..comments are love~
Behold... My Future
  I will marry Kim Jaejoong.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Switzerland in our fabulous Apartment.  
  We will have 1 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a Pearl Red Audi A3 Cabriolet.
  I will spend my days as a Pilot, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

Love is Stupid (Hyung I hate you!)

Title: Love is Stupid (Hyung I hate you!)
Author: are_lynn
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: Pg13
Genre: Fluff, Fail crack
Length: 601, drabble
Summary: There’s someone stuck in Yunjae’s love nest......
Sequel to Stupid About Love
Love is Stupid

“Hyung I hate you!!!!!!!”

Changmin harshly munching the cereals (actually it is his third bowl).

“Awww Minnie..You don’t mean that, right? And hyung love you too”.

Jaejoong try to coo Changmin by shaking the cereal’s box (different box this time). Jaejoong purposely arrange the cereal’s boxes on the kitchen counter so Changmin can pick easily.

“Hyung! I’ve been eating cereal for 5 weeks! I don’t know how I’m still alive. Appa cut down my allowance because I eat in the meeting room and Yunho hyung wouldn’t allow me to go back to umma. Nobody love me!!!!!!”.

Changmin keep whining and accidentally spill the milk. Jaejoong give him a sharp look and go to the kitchen, looking for the rag.

“Is this how you repay Jaejoongie for cooking for you all this time? You want to ditch him and go to umma to fill up your black hole?”

Yunho suddenly enter the dining room. His eyes scanning the room, looking for his beloved Boojae.

“I wouldn’t complaint if you feed me properly. Is this how you repay me for taking care of you wife? And this stomach is called as Minnie baby not black hole!”

Yunho ignore Changmin when he see his sweetheart walking out from the kitchen and bend over the dining table to wipe Changmin’s mess, he walk behind him and hug him tight.

“Baby boo~ leave it to Changmin. He will wipe it clean. Right Min?”

With the murder look from Yunho (without Jaejoong knowing) Changmin silently wipe the table. The pictures in his phone he used to blackmail his brother are no longer useful. With his brother full declaration of love towards his Jaejoongie hyung 4 months ago, the picture doesn’t become treats anymore. Moreover, both of his hyung love the picture and Jaejoong even print some of the pictures and hang them.

“Yunnie~ you’re wearing my favorite shirt. You look so handsome and sexy~”.

Changmin face palm himself. With his Jaejoong hyung unstable hormones, he keeps on flirting with his Yunho hyung every chance he got. He doesn’t care if there are people witnessing his lovey dovey, in this case, Changmin. And his Yunho hyung is very happy to comply to everything his baby want.

“Boo~ you’re sexy too~ Oh gosh I love you~”.

Hopeless. His Yunho hyung is hopless if his boojae is around. Even though Changmin like to watch his ‘special’ video, but that’s just that. If he wants to stop watching, he can just push the stop button. But with his hyung, there is no stop button. OMG.. He still can recall his sleepless night during his niece/nephew in the making.

“Yah! Get a room! I’m eating here!”

There..there.. They totally ignore him. He wonder how long should he eat the cereal? Yunho hyung won’t allow his Boojae do any works. Everyday, Changmin will work half day and go back home to do the house core. Sometimes, if his Jaejoong hyung not in a good mood, he will trash the house upside down and Changmin will be the one to clean up everything. But no one believes him because Jaejoong is known as a clean freak. Oh blame his pregnant hormones.

Yunho can’t go home early due to works that already piles up during his honeymoon. And he can’t trust Changmin after the boy purposely signed a contract with a fast food restaurant and causing the company to lose the other billion’s worth tender.

So here is Changmin, practically working as a maid in his hyung house. One thing he didn’t do or (precisely) couldn’t do is cooking. How he miss his umma’s food.

Sigh…. Fail..mianhe..mmmmmm should i make it as a series?? comment is love~



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